HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)

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We have experience in regard to HIPAA cases. Penalties for health care workers (physician, nurse, hospital administrator, etc.) who violate complex HIPAA privacy rules can include sanctions, fines and/or incarceration.

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HIPAA requires that certain health and medical information be protected from unauthorized use or sharing, including information put in your medical records by health care professionals, conversations your doctors have with health care professionals about your health and treatment, information about you that is stored in your health insurer’s data systems and other information.HIPPA

HIPAA Rules, Columbia, Illinois

HIPAA rules relate to privacy, security, breach notification and enforcement requirements. Penalties for HIPAA violations can be significant.

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The federal medical privacy law, known as HIPAA identifies patient privacy issues and regulates the use and disclosure of medical information. We represent patients whose HIPAA rights have been violated as a result of the inappropriate or wrongful use or negligent or wreck-less exposure of their personal information.

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