Collaborative Divorce

Illinois Collaborative Divorce

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We work with clients in various stages of representation, including sharing information and arriving at solutions. Our work includes advising clients regarding the divorce process, assisting and communicating effectively regarding goals, concerns and issues, and providing experienced representation in the divorce process.

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collaborative_divorceMediation allows both parties to negotiate and control the outcome of the divorce rather than having the outcome dictated to them by the Court. Lawyers advocate for clients. Mediators should be neutral and facilitate communication between the parties. While not applicable in every situation, sometimes divorce mediation allows parties to reach compromises.

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In Illinois, the Court does not look to marital misconduct in regard to an equitable division of marital property. Generally, property acquired during a marriage is considered marital property regardless of which spouse has title to the property. We have experience in regard to cases involving real estate, bank accounts, retirement accounts, 401(k) plans, pensions, stock options, businesses, vehicles, life insurance and other property.

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