Tax Lawyers, Summerfield, Illinois

Our firm has represented clients in Summerfield and surrounding areas regarding tax issues. Below are just some of the areas in which we have served our clients.

Tax Returns Not filed For Years

Sometimes there are unusual or even catastrophic events that occur in one’s life. For many reasons, those events can cause persons not to file tax returns. By not filing in any given year, that can exasperate the anxiety and pressure an individual may be experiencing.

Closing a Business

In some situations, we are able to work out resolutions that allow for a business to remain open while we work on outstanding tax liabilities with the tax agencies and/or contact persons.

Levies Against Employers/Bank Accounts

The employee is concerned with keeping his or her job, how much may be taken and their finances in the event they do not receive their normal paycheck. We generally work with the taxpayer to explore options that may be available including working with the federal and/or state tax agency in regard to the underlying tax liabilities.

Doubt as to Collectability/Doubt as to Liability

Sometimes resolutions can be reached in regard to tax liabilities, including taxes, penalties and/or interest, based on doubt as to collectability and/or doubt as to liability.

Bankruptcy and Taxes

There can be successful completion of bankruptcy cases, but with tax liabilities still claimed owed. We have also conferred with individuals regarding discharging tax liabilities. In those instances, our analysis includes the type of tax, whether or not certain kinds of penalties have been asserted, the conduct of the taxpayer and many other variables.


We provide representation in preparation for and representation at audits, both federal and state. This usually includes working with the taxing agency in regard to deciding what documents or information to produce, the actual production and review of documentation and information and providing an interface or a go between the tax agency and the client. In certain situations, depending upon the circumstances, it may not be recommended that there be direct contacts between the tax agency and the taxpayer, at least initially, until there is some control in the case and potential consequences are properly evaluated.

Breached Installment Payment Arrangements

We have represented clients over the years in regard to installment payment arrangements, including breach of installment payment arrangements, or situations where promises have not been kept that have been made to the tax agencies.

Criminal Tax Cases

We have represented taxpayers over the years in regard to criminal tax prosecutions, both at the state and federal level. With respect to criminal tax cases, the prosecutor has to show a taxpayer is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt to sustain the burden of proof. Therefore, the initial actions by the taxpayer, as well as decisions being made regarding whether or not there is going to be cooperation, can be critical for the client, including analyzing matters that may not be of apparent immediate importance.

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